Fleur de Lis Pizza

The Fleur de Lis Story:

Many people ask "What does "Fleur de Lis" really mean"?            

Here's the answer.

The Fleur de Lis  is a symbol associated with France. "Fleur" means "flower" in French, and "Fleur de lis" roughly translates to "flower of the lily".  The fleur de lis (spelled fleur de lys in French) was used in the coat of arms of the royalty of France. 

Fleur de Lis was out of town on a gravel road, back in 1946, when my family bought it. It was a cocktail lounge at that time.

Some people wonder why an Italian pizza restaurant has a French name. The name of the business was already Fleur de Lis Cocktail Lounge and remained the same even though it became a pizza restaurant.

My grandmother decided to make a small pizza as an appetizer. It was enjoyed so much by the customers she began to sell them. Then she realized they needed to make a larger size. The small pizza was made in pie pans she brought from home. So, she brought a cookie sheet and the "square" pizza we are famous for was born. Of course the pizza is actually a rectangle cut into small squares, but everyone loves to refer to them as a square pizza, which is just fine with us.

My parents began to run the restaurant in the 80's. Their goal was  to make it a family restaurant where families are welcome to bring their children; an aspect still important to us today.

I became General Manager in the early 90's and now run the business along with my husband Murray as my Manager.

Shaynna, my niece, has been a part of the business since she was just a little girl.

We try to keep everything the same as it always has been. Most importantly the recipe, style and quality of the pizza. We also try to maintain the traditional look of the building both inside and out.

Our employees are an important part of the business and we consider them a part of the Fleur de Lis family.

This site and all I do at Fleur de Lis is dedicated in loving memory to my Dad , Mom  and sister, Jo. Without their hard work and dedication Fleur de Lis would not be what it is today.  I learned so much about running the business from them and their memory surrounds me everyday.

~Pam & Murray~

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